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Kitchen is the Heart of the home, right? 

Whether we are cooking a warm, hearty meal or enjoying a calm family dinner – reality is we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

And when it comes to choosing kitchen renovation professionals to create the space of your dreams, look no further than Trio Group.

Trio Group has had extensive experience in kitchen renovations all over London.  We offer a full design and build service and take care of the process right from the start – from architectural design of your kitchen and planning applications to construction and installing high-end quality finishes.

Having delivered successful kitchen renovations in London for many years, we know that it requires the combined effort of many different teams including gas fitters, electricians, plumbers, joiners and carpenters and decorators.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts in kitchen renovations will work closely with you to design and create your dream space and deliver an exceptional project.


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With Trio Group - All you need to do is dream up a space!

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This is where you book your FREE – no obligation – Consultation and you show us the vision you have for the property and we get to take the necessary measurements required to complete the project. 

After all the details have been taken, we sit down with our team managers to discuss and decide how to optimise your space’s in terms of both design and functionality as well as what the best approach to delivering the project will be.

We take care of any planning applications required and our QS will then draw up the scope of work and work schedule needed to complete and deliver the project.

The assigned project manager monitors work across all teams and ensures the project is on track to be completed on time and within budget.

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